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Enabling corporate event sponsors and managers to demonstrate success

We need corporate event people to take our survey!


Taos, NM (May 31, 2012) Audience Metrix, a market research firm specializing in corporate event research, today announced the first annual Event Measurement Best Practices Survey (EMBPS) for corporate event sponsors and managers.

The survey explores issues including how companies measure ROI, at what level of the organization event goals are set and how event data is used for planning. Each respondent will receive a personalized report, comparing their response to a global sample of their peers.

“This survey will be an important tool for corporate event sponsors and managers who want to evaluate and improve their meeting and event measurement practices,” said Audience Metrix Partner Christopher Korody. “We are actively encouraging people to share the survey with their peers so that we can get a global sample.”

“The survey explores many of the key issues in event research,” said Scott Schenker, Vice President of Global Events for SAP, and Audience Metrix client. “The findings will help to define best practices, and provide actionable information to anyone who wants to know the true success of an experience-marketing program. The more companies that take the time to respond, the greater value for everyone.”

“By doing the survey annually, we are providing a way for companies everywhere to continuously improve their measurement practices,” adds Audience Metrix Partner Kevin O’Neill.

Qualtrics has agreed to co-sponsor the survey and is promoting it to their user community. The survey will run on the Qualtrics survey platform.

“The fact that Audience Metrix is sharing the results on an individualized basis makes this project unique,” said Daniel Russell, Qualtrics Account Director.

About Audience Metrix

Audience Metrix ( is a marketing research firm that specializes in conducting primary research at corporate events that enable event sponsors and managers to demonstrate the success of their program. The two partners, Kevin O’Neill and Christopher Korody have been conducting corporate event research since 2000.

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a worldwide leader in enterprise data collection and analysis with software that is easy enough for an intern, but sophisticated enough for PhD. Global organizations and research firms of all types and sizes use Qualtrics software to make better decisions based on strategic research intelligence. For more information and a free trial, visit

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