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The Independence Of 1

We were reflecting on Independence Day.

Celebrating the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Marveling at the enduring perfection of our Union.

This is a country where one person, one vote, one percent makes all the difference.

Which is a funny thing to see and say, because in our world of statistics and probability, 1 is not very important at all.

The next biggest 1 is what we round up to.

1 is a (very) small margin of error.

1 is not a significant difference.

1 is “dust”, too small to tell us much of anything or mean anything at all.

Above all 1 is never a majority.

Unless, of course, it is a probability of 1 – making it a certainty.

Yet in these United States, nothing is ever certain…. every time we hold an election one person casts the deciding vote.

One vote is all that it takes to set our town or city or county or state or country on a brave new course.

That’s when it hits you… What a perfect system we enjoy. How amazing that it can be so attuned to one vote, and guided by that deciding one, endure so many years.

What an important reminder as we search for meaning in numbers, trying to make sense of the answers we have gathered to the questions we have asked.

Whilst all the while, the real answer, the answer of one defies our science.

An audience is the sum of the preferences of one.

An audience is the sum of the choices of one.

How do we plot a course across the sea of 95% confidence and still hear every voice?

How do we reflect the preferences of the audience, as well as our country reflects the will of the people?

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