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Enabling corporate event sponsors and managers to demonstrate success



A high-value marketing research program is in alignment with the way that the enterprise defines success.

  • To ensure easy integration and accurate interpretation, data is reported in a manner consistent with the customer segmentation you currently use.
  • Consistent reporting enables senior managers to view the live and virtual global event portfolio through a single lens.
  • The data is valued by all departments because it is useful, timely and actionable.
  • Our programs are built to incorporate industry best practices.

What Makes Data Valuable?

Value is created when data is measured in an objective framework that everyone recognizes is consistent with the way
that the enterprise defines success.

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We begin each of our engagements by assessing how you segment the audience, and how you define success. At the same time, we also review the current live and virtual metrics programs.

The first deliverable is a gap analysis which pinpoints where the current program is effective and where it is falling short; along with actionable recommendations as to how to fill those gaps.


We build and deploy the measurement tools necessary to provide a “360” view of the event and its impact on each audience segment.


We integrate all available datasets, then analyze the data to identify key findings by audience segments. We conduct qualitative analysis using literals, social media feeds and other means to provide context and insight.


Building on the knowledge of your company gained during the audit process, we:

  • Create tailored reports that focus on your areas of interest.
  • Work with you to interpret the findings, and to identify next steps.
  • Conduct additional briefings to address specific stakeholder interests.

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