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Corporate event survey best practices

We came across an excellent whitepaper from the Aberdeen Group entitled Web Analytics: Marketing Beyond Online Customer Data. The whitepaper suggested a number of ideas that are equally applicable to measuring the impact of corporate events. One comment that caught … Continue reading


We had an interesting chat with one of our clients the other day. A specific post event survey score had dropped enough to attract executive notice. The very public presentation of the news upset the function owner; who was now … Continue reading


Since 2008, corporations have become extremely conservative. Today, CMO’s have to justify every expenditure. While events – especially large customer events – have traditionally been exempt from this type of scrutiny, that is no longer the case. We address some … Continue reading


This is the fourth post in our Event Measurement Best Practices series. In our first post, we looked at the need to move event measurement programs from quantifying what happened at the event, to analyzing the impact of the event … Continue reading

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