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Align Buyers And Sellers To Create A Hot Conference Expo


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                balancing the interests of buyers and sellers is the key to a successful show floor

We are constantly looking for ideas to write about for the blog. This week we went looking for inspiration on Linked In, and came across an interesting post from Michael Heipel. Michael works in Frankfurt, Germany where he manages some very big tradeshows and consults with show organizers about how to utilize new technologies.

Michael’s post describes new technologies that can be used to overcome the perennial challenge of connecting exhibitors and visitors.

His comments brought us back to one of our recent posts Delivering Success To Event Exhibitors.

While technology offers more and more ways for buyers and sellers to interact, in our experience the key to a successful “must see” conference expo still comes down to carefully matching exhibitors and attendees. As you can see from the graphic  a hot show is one where you have both the right content and the right exhibitors.

Developing a “must see” show floor is something that Kevin did for many years for commercial tradeshow clients like Ziff and IDG. In 2008, Kevin wrote an article for Forum Magazine called Measuring Tradeshow Success: More Than Counting Participants. (If you’d like a copy, please drop us a line and we’ll send you the PDF).

The centerpiece of the article is what we still call Audience Alignment Analysis:

“Simply stated, if trade show participants with known buying interests can interact with the types of products and services of interest to them, they are likely to find the expo a very satisfying experience. Similarly, if exhibitors are presented with potential buyers on the expo floor who have desired demographic profiles and buying interests, they will likely find the expo to be well worth the investment.”

Although the financial contribution of the exhibitor may be less important to the success of a corporate event, the chance to present to qualified buyers is paramount to ensuring their support.

The article describes specific metrics that a sponsorship sales team can use to plan a campaign, one of which is Buyer Density.

“Those categories with very high buyer densities are prime candidates for recruiting new exhibitors who will find qualified buyers at the event, while categories with low buyer densities provide insight into the types of participant buyers that need to be added to the audience.”

What are you doing to align the interests of your attendees with your exhibitors? What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

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