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Enabling corporate event sponsors and managers to demonstrate success



2012 marks our 12th year of conducting event-based market research. To better address the exciting opportunities we are exploring, we have formed a new entity, Audience Metrix LLC.

Since we began our practice in 2000, the entire marketing landscape has been transformed:

  • The web, social media and mobile platforms are enabling prospects and customers to do their research away from the influence of sales and marketing.
  • Big data is making it harder then ever to define success.
  • Event sponsors are on the hook to demonstrate the influence and report the value of their programs.

Customer events have also been transformed – attendee reactions – both pro and con – circle the world immediately, influencing unknown numbers of customers and prospects. One need no longer sit in sessions – simply log on at your convenience. Meanwhile, business travel budgets remain constrained.

This combination of forces makes a successful event an increasingly valuable corporate asset. To create this value, event sponsors must look beyond the corporate agenda to address the needs of attendees, partners and exhibitors. And they must be able to make a compelling case to senior management. An event based measurement program is an essential tool to accomplishing these goals.

Kevin O’Neill brings decades of marketing and research experience to every engagement. His background as a consultant and executive provides our customers with a unique perspective built on the value of actionable data. He is our “quant” and oversees all of our analysis. He is also a trained focus group leader, and a certified event auditor.

Christopher Korody is an award-winning writer-producer-director who has spent his career in corporate events. He brings agency management experience in business development, and a gift for simplifying complex technologies and data into accessible concepts. He is our “qual” and oversees the interpretation of literal data and our presentations.

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